Formula 60 for men



2 X SPG (90 caps)
2 X PSR (750 gram without fat, sugar or lactose)
2 X Omega 3 (90 caps)
2 X SH (90 caps)
1 X Collagen 500ml



Formula 60 for men

Regain your shape

You’ve accumulated a few dozen of pounds in the last few years that you would definitely want to lose. You have become uncomfortable with almost all your wardrobe. Is your overweight a disadvantage in your daily activities?

Our latest discovery in men’s weight loss will quickly boost your libido, make you feel more energetic, promote more prominent bodybuilding and have a better psychological disposition to exercise, all thanks to this formula designed specifically for men and combining a natural product that gently stimulates testosterone to counteract certain effects of andropause or simply the need for stimulation at this level.

Combined with a little bit of regular exercise, walk 15 to 30 minutes per day, this process attacks accumulated fat. In addition, to restore elasticity to your skin and repair your joints during your weight loss, we add collagen and omega 3 daily.

The “Formula 60” (60 days) is absolutely non-binding. Of course, you will still have to make sure you have a healthier diet, a little less restaurant, a little less dessert … it’s not so difficult … See our suggested menu offered free on our website . It is also important to drink plenty of water.

* See SH product on the website

Additional information

Weight 4.08 kg
Dimensions 30.48 × 25.4 × 25.4 cm


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Hollywood Slim Formula is inspired from fat loss programs developed by qualified trainers and nutritionists. Perfected over the years through research and adapted to the hectic lifestyles of movie and television artists. This unique formula will adapt to your lifestyle. ‘’Lose weight without dieting’’ programs, based on intensive training, being ineffective in the short term, due to physical requirements, the Hollywood Slim Formula becomes indisputably, the most efficient and better suited to lose fat without losing your smile.

Hollywood Slim Formula is offered directly on our website and delivered to your door!


Hollywood Slim Formula

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