Many factors influence someone’s ability to lose weight. These factors include age, hormones and alimentation.

The impact of these elements is more or less important from one individual to another.

Thus, it sometimes happens that one person has more difficulty than another to lose weight, even if she invests the same amount of efforts to do so.

However, one statement remains unchanged in terms of weight loss: it must be done gradually to be sustainable.


Losing weight quickly

Prompt weight loss also means high deprivation regarding food combined with physical activity.

To maintain her weight, an average woman must consume about 2 000 calories a day and a man, about 2 500.

However, if one wants to reduce his body mass, it is necessary to create daily a considerable caloric deficit.

Many diets are based on creating too much of a big caloric deficit and only include 1 000 to 1 200 calories a day.

This way of slimming down is not optimal and above all, is not sustainable since the human body reacts strongly when one changes his lifestyle.


The consequences of a rapid weight loss

The most negative effect of a too prompt weight loss is known as the yoyo effect.

The yoyo effect is undesirable and results in the regain of the fat mass shortly after having lost it.

This consequence is the natural reaction of a metabolism that has been deprived of food for a long time and intensely.

See it like this: fearing of recording another period of lack of food, the body stores all the nutrients, including fat, to prepare for this period.

When you finish a diet that was too extreme, even if you eat normal portions of healthy food, you will probably be exposed to the yoyo effect.

If you really want to lose weight, you must remember that you should not rush your metabolism.

Thus, it is better to maintain a moderate fat reduction for a longer period than to record a severe weight loss in no time.


Take the right amount of time to lose weight

When you think about it, a few months are a very short period of time to change alimentation habits that goes way back!

It is recommended to gradually slim down and aim for a realistic goal. This goal can go up to 1 kilogram of body fat per week.

At Hollywood Formule Minceur, we really understood this statement and that’s why we offer not only products, but also true beliefs surrounding weight loss.

Our products are adapted to our customers needs and do not include major constraints on the food that can be consumed.

By combining moderate physical activity with our weight loss formulas, you will reach your goal and maintain your weight for a long time.


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Health Canada

Hollywood Slim Formula is inspired from fat loss programs developed by qualified trainers and nutritionists. Perfected over the years through research and adapted to the hectic lifestyles of movie and television artists. This unique formula will adapt to your lifestyle. ‘’Lose weight without dieting’’ programs, based on intensive training, being ineffective in the short term, due to physical requirements, the Hollywood Slim Formula becomes indisputably, the most efficient and better suited to lose fat without losing your smile.

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Hollywood Slim Formula

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