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Reboot your metabolism

One of the most important elements for an effective weight lost resides in the activation of your metabolism. In doing so, you will stimulate your body to burn more calories. The S.P.G product by Hollywood Formule Minceur is renowned to be a great natural and efficient way to evacuate fats using your body’s hormones. Its role is to stimulate the secretion of a protein called adiponectin. The concentration of this protein in the body can be significantly reduced depending on various factors such as age and overweight. In these cases, it is necessary to increase the concentration of adiponectin in the metabolism.

Eat correctly and avoid extreme diets

When we talk about alimentation and diets, one thing remains unchanged: it is completely useless to starve yourself. Doing so, on the contrary, could be detrimental to your weight loss. Indeed, a malnourished body takes the nutrients required to its proper functioning in muscles, not in fat. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to eat diverse kind of food. In addition, you should always include a good source of protein in each daily meal, especially during breakfast. Morning is the best time to consume this kind of nutrient. Hollywood Formule Minceur’s PSR aims to protect muscle mass, so that metabolism seek the energy it needs in fat rather than elsewhere. Make sure to check out our menu suggestions for healthy meal ideas.

No extreme training needed

Practicing sports and visits to the gym can be time-consuming. If you’re not a sports enthusiast or if you simply don’t have time to go to the gym, Hollywood Formule Minceur’s products are made for you. Indeed, they are the perfect complement to a busy schedule and moderate physical activity. You will be able to make the most of your weekly gardening, walking or other activity sessions. All you have to do is stay active on a regular basis, without any extreme training.

The Breakdown Diet

Overtraining, undernourishment or any important variation of daily habits can have a substantial impact on the way your metabolism function. Matter of fact, these elements can result in physical and psychological reactions such as fatigue, stress or dullness. It is when you begin to feel one or more of these feeling that you end up totally abandoning healthy habits like exercise. That is why it is essential to set up a routine that will prevent you from falling into this unfortunate situation. To do so, Hollywood Formule Minceur advises you to invest time in the physical activities that truly please you, and to not cut out all the food you sometimes like to eat. Doing so, you’ll be able to have fun without extreme dieting or exhausting and boring exercises.

No restraining constraint

We want to guide you regarding your food consumption as well as the identification of the most favorable moments to take Hollywood Formule Minceur’s products. That is the main reason why we suggest a simple yet varied menu, consisting of healthy aliments. In addition, we recommend eating smaller amounts of food, but eating more often daily. Thus, instead of taking three big meals a day, we propose to take five smaller ones. Using this method of food consumption, you will not feel intense hunger between each meal. It will also allow you body to adequately assimilate all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of your body, while creating a caloric deficit.

360° Program

Three elements are the core of a complete, efficient but, above all, sustainable program: Hollywood Formule Minceur’s products, healthy alimentation and physical activity. Our products help boost your metabolism, protect your muscles and provide your body with essential nutrients for your good health. A varied and healthy diet based on your personal taste can also provide you nutrient while contributing to the creation of a caloric deficit. Moderated, but regular physical activity helps maintain muscle mass, eliminate fat and give you extra energy to accomplish your daily tasks. If you respect these three components of our programs, you’ll be in the right direction to achieve a better quality of life.

Have a break and drink plenty of water!

The human body is 60 % water, so it goes without saying that it is an essential element for life, but also for maintaining a good health. This is why it is so important to consume a large quantity on a daily basis. Nutritionists and doctors recommend drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Despite the evidence of this statement, we often fail to include enough water in our alimentation. To avoid forgetting, we advise you to always keep water at your fingertips. Remember to drink some when you take a break from a task or activity. You’ll quickly notice that the more you drink water, the more it will fit naturally your daily routine.

Measure your progress

Be proud of your results! Measure your waist-to-hip ratio, but most importantly, be aware of your progress. To do so, use a pedometer to count your everyday steps. Remember that 1 250 steps are equivalent to about 20 minutes of walking. Web suggest that you gradually reach 6 000 to 10 000 steps a day, in order to reach a caloric deficit between 500 and 750 calories daily. Supporting this result, you could lose about 500 grams of fat in a week only.

Absorb healthy fats

Omega-3s are a form of fatty acid which are essentials to the proper functioning of metabolism. They are part of the “healthy fats” family that should be consumed daily. In opposition to popular belief, Omega-3s capsules are odorless and tasteless, facilitating their ingestion. They are made with high quality fish oil, without any trace of crustaceans or seafood.

Join forces with a friend

Discussing with someone who is trying to achieve the same goal as ourselves and that faces the same difficulties increases self motivation. We propose to set various challenges with a friend, or in group. You will be able to talk to these people about the progress you are making.  Encourage each other to be more active, exchange new healthy recipes; all reasons are good to help you reach your goals.

Improved of skin and joints elasticity

Each of our weight loss formulas includes a collagen supplement so you can enjoy the multiple benefits of this natural protein. It allows, among other thing, to restore skin elasticity in addition to improving joints and bones strength. The presence of this protein in the human body tends to be significantly reduced with age and that’s why Hollywood Formule Minceur’ supplements are so valuable.

Hollywood Slim Formula is inspired from fat loss programs developed by qualified trainers and nutritionists. Perfected over the years through research and adapted to the hectic lifestyles of movie and television artists. This unique formula will adapt to your lifestyle. ‘’Lose weight without dieting’’ programs, based on intensive training, being ineffective in the short term, due to physical requirements, the Hollywood Slim Formula becomes indisputably, the most efficient and better suited to lose fat without losing your smile.

Hollywood Slim Formula is offered directly on our website and delivered to your door!


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